MoT your Business

How confident are you that your business is on the right track? 

Do you know how the marketplace is shifting? 

Are your services in line with the customers’ needs? 

What are your competitors doing about it? 

Are there any gaps in your business processes that could adversely affect your results? 

Are any of your business strategies competing with each other?

If you are a CEO, MD or senior manager, this is information you need to be aware of in order to have confidence that your current strategy is the correct one. The problem is, many organisations just do not have this information to hand, or it is out-of-date and the cost of a ‘Big 5’-styled marketing strategy audit would quite likely terrify the Board or the Head of Finance. 

Now imagine that you are presented with an audit process: 

  •       that is structured
  •       that asks the right questions of the right people
  •       that uses the knowledge of some of the world’s leading business gurus to probe every aspect of your business strategy 

 … but at a cost that doesn’t require re-mortgaging the plant. 

‘Too good to be true?’ – well many FTSE100 & Fortune 500 companies think otherwise.  

Companies such as Du Pont, Agilent Technologies, Hitachi, Merrill Lynch, Haagen-Dazs, Sara Lee and Proctor & Gamble to name just a few, all use this audit methodology to surface problems and bottlenecks in their marketing strategies – and for a fraction of the cost of a ‘Big 5’ visit.  

That is precisely what Hillfoots Consultancy Services can offer your business:

  •       a software assisted audit comprising of 600 precisely targeted questions
  •       an analysis report reviewed by an experienced business consultant
  •       a prioritised recommendations report highlighting key areas for action

 … and for most SMEs the whole process takes just five consultancy days, which in turn delivers several benefits to you: 

  •      a fixed fee assignment ensures costs are contained -  there is no protracted consultancy assignment
  •       a prompt turnaround ensures that the analysis report is accurate and up-to-date, and not based on information that is weeks, perhaps even months old
  •       an actions report containing recommended areas of improvement that you can act upon immediately. In many instances tackling just one of the  improvement suggestions will make the entire audit self-financing. 

I coined the phrase ‘The Business MoT’ to describe this process, ensuring your company is ready to take to the road and get to your destination (safely) ahead of your competitors.  Remember, the solutions might be simple, but lost in the detail - yet every days delay could be costing your business £000’s.


MoT your business now – to find out how call 07973 684182 or e-mail today for more details.





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