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Whether used for business or for the home, all PCs are prone to attacks from viruses and trojans. However there are just as many hoaxes perpetrated via e-mail that result in just as much down-time and ‘panic traffic’. Can you tell the difference? Can you afford to be wrong?

Following the basic rules of IT security will eliminate most of the risk - developing and enforcing an IT Policy especially regarding PC & Internet abuse is even better.

  • don’t trust the security that comes with your operating system (OS) - it will almost certainly be flawed.
  • check the OS suppliers web-site regularly for security warnings, patches or service packs.
  • if you don’t have a firewall, get one - if you have one make sure it is properly configured
  • use a commercial anti-virus product, not an out-of-date cover disk demo
  • never open email attachments from sources you don’t know
  • still scan attachments from sources you do know before opening them
  • NEVER open an attachment with a multiple extension i.e filename.mp3.txt   Multiple extensions usually spell trouble!!..

The following feed from will keep you in touch with the latest news about PC threats. Check back here regularly or visit Sophos’ home page. to see if your suspicions about a particular mail item are well-founded (product not endorsed)

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