And if you want something completely different, take a trip to our associated web-site that covers the Chinese Internal Arts and holistic therapies with which we are also involved.

Here you get an insight into my other side.  In addition to running this business consultancy practice, I also run an holistic therapy practice offering training courses in several complementary and holistic therapies, serving private and NHS-referred clients as well as NHS Trusts and Health Boards.

Visit http://www.risingmoontaichi.com to see further details about our Tai Chi,  Qi Gong, Reiki & Stress Management and Relaxation courses.

And how are these related? Well, do bear in mind that as a practising martial artist, I have actually studied Sun Tzu’s ‘Art of War’, unlike many management ‘gurus’ who jumped on the 1990’s band-wagon of ‘applying’ oriental war strategies to business activities. See how well your current consultants fare when actually faced with someone wielding a broadsword or rice-flail.

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